Independent Study


Current Projects


The Tangible Activity Service for non-visual Computing or TASC, is an activity-based computing environment designed specifically for blind and low-vision desktop computer users. TASC integrates with smartphones to introduce a tangible, two-dimensional interaction model to dekstop computing.


  • Anthony Navarette
  • Jesus Ramirez
  • Congyu Luo
  • Jayden Le
  • Jeremy Chang
Two students sitting at a table looking at a laptop and mobile phone

Mixed Ability Play

This project explores how we might bridge blind and sighted communities through play. The game incorporates tactile interaction with Minecraft through computer vision and a 3D printed physical game board. Custom games set within Minecraft support collaborative and competitive play designed to leverage the abilities of each player.


  • Beril Gurkas
  • Sam Hansen
  • Vito Nash
  • Tim Twigg
Four students sitting at a table working in front of a large monitor

Blind Outrigger Paddling

The CoOP system that I developed with my community partners is in its infancy. The system itself, though functional, has thus far served primarily as a probe to uncover deeper issues in the field of blind fitness. Design challenges and research questions continue to emerge through CoOP's ongoing deployment. I expect this project to move in a variety of interesting directions over the next few years. We are currently focused on building a custom remote control system that fits the unique needs of blind paddling.


  • Antonia Piercy
A blind paddler in an outrigger canoe using the CoOP system